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    In my book, anything that takes-up too much resources is suspect (unless it is ChatterEmail ).

    Since you are spending so much time trying to get rid of resets, I suggest you install PalmInternals and MemInfo to figure out which utilites are resource hogs. The other thing, of-course is figuring out programs that conflict with each other and poorly written programs; that is a tough job.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Holden View Post
    I am not a 680 owner, but something sounds amiss here. . . . that is not normal behavior.

    Loose SIM?

    Or do you have a software or hardware glitch?

    Cheers, Perry.


    I dont know if you found a solution yet, but I would tend to agree with Perry... cutting a business card and putting it on top of the SIM card and re-inserting, ended such problems for me. Before that, either the phone would lock up (sometimes during ringing or during a call) or suddenly give a "Check SIM Card" error or "No Signal" error.

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    So, after several weeks of testing I'm quite sure I found the offender - it's Fonts4OS5. Since I deleted it from my phone I had no more freezing problems!

    Wow, now I feel much better with my phone again, but I have to say that the standard Palm font is soooooo incredibly ugly! Such a pity, the issue with Fonts4OS5. Well, better an ugly phone than a crashing phone.

    Thanks for all the tips you supplied.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dukat View Post
    Incoming call, I press the green button - dead! Or better: Incoming call, but not responsive to any button. Dead!
    Same here (GSM in Europe).

    Most of my friends too have this problem
    (with any 3rd sw and only Pim installed).

    I don't understand:
    it's a hardware or firmware problem?

    We must back the devices to Palm?

    Or looking for next firmware update?

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