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    I need a little help.

    I uninstalled Palm Hotsync last week when I tried out the 750. I have since re-installed the Palm software but get an error message that file "NPinstall.dll" can not be found.

    I've searched for the file and it's not on my computer. Any suggestions?
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    Hi, this may help:

    Potter - PalmInfoCenter:

    I just bumped into a problem similar to this myself. I had purged my entire Palm installation (backup, uninstall, delete palm trees, reinstall, restore user directory), but then every time I started the Hotsync manager I would get the above error dialog box; however it would still operate fine after that. After poking around in my backup I discovered this DLL was associated with a product called the "PalmSource Package Installer". I reinstall it, and the problem went away.
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    Never could find the Palmsource Package Installer. A Palm Support Technician walked me through a clean uninstall where I deleted every reference to Palm from the Registry. I reinstalled and it works fine now.

    Apparently, if you don't clean the registry it boogers up any reinstallation.
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