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    I am looking to upgrade to a 700P that was on the Telus network. Is it possible to get it running on the Verizon network. And what needs to be done?
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    Verizon would have to activate the ESN on your phone on their network. Give it a try, but your chances are slim to none. Verizon and Sprint have a policy against activating ESNs that are not theirs.
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    If Verizon will activate the ESN does the phone still need to be "Unlocked"?
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    You need MSL - it's a code that allows you to program new information in to your phone - your existing provider should be able to give it to you. If they don't want to give it ,then there are tricks you can play to make them give it to you
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    Has anyone successfully extract their MSL with bitpim/serial cable? or cross flash ROMs from different carriers?
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    Verizon phones can work on Telus network (still under Verizon plan)
    Not sure if thye have a reverse plan. I assuming you're in the US now and not in Canada?

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