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    Ordinary 650, no modifications

    ZLauncher 5.41

    IR doesn't seem to work, though it has in the past and Prefs > Power > Beam-Receive = ON.

    What could I have missed?
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    Try soft resetting or turning the radio off. Some people have problems with the beaming in the 650. Mine gets touchy sometimes, but after a few tweaks it works again.
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    You covered the obvious on your end - - - - maybe it is the receiving end of the equation that needs the tweak . . . . what are you beaming to and do they have "beam receive" on?
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    I've just tried it with three other units, each properly turned ON - they just don't see each other
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    What happens exactly? Does a screen come up saying it is trying to beam and it is not successful. . . . or does no such screen come up at all?

    If no one comes up with another fix -- a hard reset would be the last thing to try before you contact your carrier for repair or replacement. Hopefully you have been purchasing the insurance.

    If it won't beam in the clean just after hard reset with nothing loaded state -- then you have a hardware issue. If it does beam then -- I would proceed with a clean install.
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    Have you done the IRUpdate from Palm?

    How long is your hot sync ID?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Christinac130 View Post
    Have you done the IRUpdate from Palm?

    How long is your hot sync ID?

    Ooo. . . . I forgot about the length to the Hot Sync ID thingie. . . . it is a good thing you are young Christina.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Holden View Post
    Ooo. . . . I forgot about the length to the Hot Sync ID thingie. . . . it is a good thing your are young Christina.
    I'm not that much younger than you, Perry...
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    Thank you Christina, I'm going to try that update as well. OmniRemote won't work, won't learn remote codes on my Treo even though it worked just fine with the same remotes on my old "real" Palm.

    My Treo beams just fine to other Treos and Palms...there's just something "different" about trying to use it as a remote. Maybe this will fix it.

    [A few minutes later]

    Nope, no joy. Still can't use PacificNeo-tek's OmniRemote, their support is clueless (and ignores the question of whether anyone has reported using it on the Treo650 successfully) and of course Palm...It isn't their job.<G>
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    Um, search for OmniRemote, it doesn't work on the 650. Novii does.
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    Christinac gets the Karma Award this week!

    After getting the Palm patch and transferring it to my Palm...I didn't realize I also had to RUN the patch file for it to install. (Yeah, duh.<G>)

    And after running the patch file, OmniRemote still won't do automatic frequency recognition--but it now reads, sends, learns IR codes without any problem. This is the trick, the patch MUST BE RUN.

    And even though my phone version is later ("b") than the one listed on the patch page, it needed the patch. If you're a Cingular customer, assume you need the patch if you have a hardware "b" phone.

    The range of the Treo650P is still abysmal, two feet for my DVD, six for my TV, when the IIIxe could work them from 12' away. But, that's definitely a Palm hardware problem.<G> (Anyone got a brighter IR LED or a thinner filter?)

    I've asked Omni to note this for other confused users, apparently they are totally unaware of it.

    So thank you, once again, Christinac. You hit the nail on the head!
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    You know, I seem to remember Omni WAS aware of the low range of either the 600 and/or the 650. I had Omni with a Kyo 6135, which worked pretty well. When I was looking to upgrade I was checking their site and remember finding that the app would work, but it was known that range would be very limited.
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    They may have been aware of the range problem, there's enough chatter on the web about that. But needing an IR patch to make it work at all--that's something *i* shouldn't have to be telling them, not at this point in the 650's life cycle (i.e. discontinued already!). I guess that means no one really has ever used Omni on the 650 before me today, ahuh.<G>

    Hey, low budget, nice product, how much can we demand. (Don't answer that.<G>)

    Then again, they also linked me out to some web sites and the main one was a junkware site i.e. a hundred links to anything but nothing on the site itself, except a pop-up box that wanted to reset my home page to "".

    There's a key fob gizmo with a powerful IR LED that sends out something like 200 "shut" codes at the press of one button. Sounds like that's the IR I want because...gee...when I'm waiting someplace and they've got the TV's set to "blare"...well, you know, accidents happen.<G>
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    I'm so glad it worked out for you! I stumbled across the IR update by accident when I was looking for updates for my 680. My 650 always beamed fine, but I figured it couldn't hurt to do the update anyway...

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