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    So I have found 3 applications that could do this but none are as perfect as the solution I had on my 650. Here they are:

    Buzz (Toysoft) - Simple and works but still shows the 'Phone Call' screen (you know, with the Accept/Ignore options and the contact's name and number). It goes off pretty quickly but I don't want to even see the screen. I want to not even know a call was ignored (unless I look at a log or something).

    Call Block (Wishsolutions) - Again, simple but this one shows the 'Phone Call' screen for an even longer period than Buzz.

    Call Filter (Velocityware) - Had it for 650 and it did the transfer to voicemail without me even realizing there was a call blocked. This is EXACTLY what I want. BUT it is not compatible with the 680.

    Does anyone have any other alternatives? One that ignores a call or transfers to voicemail without any noticeable delay so that I don't even realize a call came in?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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    I'm using Lightwav 2.1 by Toysoft Development and when I set it to block calls, they go straight to voicemail (there's no screen popup at all) but I get an alert (just the little yellow bell -- no noise) that tells me the call was blocked. And I also have a 680.
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    I just tried it and there is a delay. Hmm... wonder if there's something different in our setups. Any idea?
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    ChristieC... how do you get it w/o the delay?
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    The about to be released update to CallBlock does not display the phone screen when it receives a blocked call. Ben
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    Quote Originally Posted by belminf View Post
    ChristieC... how do you get it w/o the delay?
    I really have no idea -- I just know that the bell will start blinking and I can go to the alerts screen to see that a call was blocked, and/or my voicemail indicator will go off, but I never get a ring or vibrate, or see the call come in, before that happens.
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    Just tried the new CallBlock. Works like a charm!!!!!!!!!

    I definitely recommend this application.

    I give it an ebay'isk A+++++++++++++++++++++++++.
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    Where can I download the new CallBlock app? I want to try too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vinnac View Post
    Where can I download the new CallBlock app? I want to try too.
    Here is the link of CallBlock 1.30

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