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    I have a Cingular Treo 680. I have unlocked the device. Why won't the Microsoft Exchange mail add-on install on my device???
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    Anyone??? Anyone know why this works on an unbranded Treo? Would it be possible to upgrade Cingular OS with Unbranded OS?
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    I read somewhere in this forum that the MS EAS update won't work on Cingular branded Treos because it has Cingular files that conflict with it. Although you may want to do a search on push email because I think someone figured out how to get it to work by adding a couple of system files in RAM.
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    I would like to know how to get this working on the Cingular 680 also.

    Did a search but didn't find anything.
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    Do a search on Exchange ActiveSync. I know it is on this forum.
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    This doesn't work for political reasons, not technical ones. I have a friend who uses his unlocked, unbranded Treo680 on Cingular with push email and Exchange and it works just fine. Cingular probably felt like Push email to corporate servers is an ability that should be paid for, and since they can't bill for it yet, they put some apps on the Treo to make push incompatible. The real solution is to debrand and unlock the 680 from Cingular's bs rom image. This probably won't happen till Palm has a few ROM updates people can experiment with. Meanwhile, not using Push, you aren't missing that much. Palm's implementation for Versamail is to do a wireless sync every 30 seconds. So folks, it's not REALLY push email, it just seems like it is. I know because my system accesses Exchange via I firewall I configured. I setup some amplified headphones to listen to the GPRS traffic from the Treo and logged the http access to the firewall from the Treo. Sure enough, every thirty seconds, you'd hear a buzzing in the headphones and see the Treo connecting to the firewall, regardless of the changes or lack thereof of the Exchange account. This also suck down battery power like you wouldn't believe. It's great running for an hour or two when one is waiting for a very important email, but otherwise, I've gone back to manually syncing my account when I have time to read the incoming emails.
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