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    Hi, could I get a recommendation on a piece of software for my Treo 700p that keeps track of calories, exercise, etc. I would like to get in shape and being a nerd, I want to incorporate technology as much as possible. I always have my Treo with me so I would love to be able to use it to help me count calories etc.

    Thanks much!
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    Investigated it a while ago, and there are several very good programmes out there.
    A search for calories on TC will turn up 27 threads for you.
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    Oh ok thanks. I found one that looks good called Diet & Exercise Assistant.
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    yes thats the most popular...I have tried them all and keep going back to DEA due to its simplicity and ease of use....just wish they would add 5 way nav support and more graphs
    Cingular 680
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    I'm using Mobisystems Diets and so far so good. It supports 5-way, and editable databases.

    Link: http://treo-680-software.mobisystems...l=1&pid=23&i=1
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    The online book "The Hacker's Diet" includes an (open source) app called "Eat Watch". It's for tracking your weight (and thus calorie intake.) Does graphs, tells you exactly how many calories you're up or down for the last week, month, etc. It's free, too. The only downside is that it's old and hardly Treo-optimized.

    The book is here:

    And the .prc is here:

    I've been thinking of updating it for Treo use (mostly add 5-way nav support etc) since it's open-source but it's still pretty usable. And the book is really good, too. It's written by the founder of Autodesk.
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    Take a look at this GPS Walking Pedometer.
    How nerdy am I.

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