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    Hi Everyone.

    First post, but I've really been here all the time.

    I seem to be having the problem that a lot of 650 users (maybe others) seem to be having. Been over to the TreoNauts website as well...they seem to have no solution either.

    Basics...Treo 650 with Sprint service.

    Problem...Treo is fully charged at night. Somewhere between 10:00pm and 7:00 pm, battery is drained, keyboard is locked (and/or takes a long time to wake up), calls are going directly to vmail.

    I keep seeing this problem in a number of posts. Everyone says that it is due to something running in the background and therefore the suggestions are to reset and reload. Well for me, this has been going on for a little over a month. I have a replaced the 650 with another from Sprint, taken out my SD card (someone thought perhaps the card was the culprit), performed about 8,000 hard resets, put in new battery, etc. The problem is still here.

    From a hard reset with no applications loaded but those in ROM, the phone is still a brick in the morning. The battery is dead, the case is warm to the touch. You have to take the battery out and plop it back in...then you are good, albeit with a dead battery now.

    I cannot find the culprit. Again, this seems to be something common occuring on these phones, but the suggested remedies are not working. I would like to capture suggestions here if possible. Something is really wrong here.

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    Thought I would add one "noticed", "new", exception on the 650 that I have not really seen before.

    IF you use web or an email program (versamail or in my case Sprint BC) the small green arrows above the signal meter turn grey when there is actually no transfer going on. The noticed and new part is that they stay above the meter even after exiting the program. They stay grey, but they used to go away (or even you got asked if you wanted to disconnect).

    I seem to be able to still receive phone calls even thought the arrows are there and grey. But they only go away if you manually power the phone off and then back on.


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