The following is the story so far and the problems Ron has been having:
Ron's synchronization problems started nearly 18 months ago.
When ever we would sync, the operation would "hang", requiring the PC and handheld to be rebooted.
We were able to sync individual aspects (ie: memos, address book), but never the calendar.

On a brand new computer, I installed the newest palm desktop and tried to sync - the process still "hung"
Ron has 2 Palm 650's
on one, I upgraded the firmware, reinstalled the newest palm desktop to a brand new computer (another computer - out of the box), restored the palm data from the backup sd card. The sync still "hung".

One method that enabled me to extract the calendar data was to restore the backup sd card to a brand new Treo 700p, and sync. This worked. From there, I would export the data from this desktop and import to Christina's (brand new/no profiles) Palm Desktop. At the time, Ron did not want to do a hard reboot of the handheld since he would loose all his old emails.

This was a one time solution. I returned the Palm 700p. Several months later, I purchased a new 700p to run this procedure again, but apparently there was new firmware that made the restoration of the 650/680 data from the backup sd card incompatible. Data would transfer to the 700p, but the sync would "hang"

I tried to beam over the data to a desktop with bluetooth, this process would transfer 1 record at a time, regardless of the date span.

The most promising lead we have is to restore the data to a Palm 680, beam over small segments at a time from the existing handheld to a newly (hard) reformatted/rebooted Palm 680 - sync between each beam/transfer, backing up between each sync.

This procedure is time consuming, but will not transfer over "private" records (a very significant limitation). Also, this procedure fails (reboots the handheld) at certain data intervals. At which point, I have to try to find the date(s) that is causing the failure (using the "brute force pig method"), then restore the backup (on the desktop), re-sync, and continue beaming date segments over to the (newly reformatted) 680.

Over this period, I have spend over 50 hours on the phone with Palm level 1,2 and 3 technicians. We have tried everything possible. Their solution is to reformat/hard reboot and start fresh (no an option)

We have engaged several "Palm experts", with no success.

Anyone have any ideas that might solve this problem? We would consider hiring someone if they had a solution.