I am trying to reslove a syncing issue for a client of mine. He is on a Cingular 650, and has been using Palm Desktop to sync.

We recently installed an exchange server for email, shared calendering and tasks. I suggested to him that he transition from Palm Desktop to outlook- makes sense.

The issue is this; when hotsyncing the conduit for the calender always seems to revert back to "do nothing". This holds true when I choose to sync with Plam Desktop or Outlook. I have even tried to have "sync all" become the default but I am still running into the problem. I can sync once through Palm Desktop before it reverts, however I cannot talk to outlook at all.

Any suggestions?

He is running Palm Desktop 4.1.4e and Outlook 2003. Is there a free way to get Chapura or Pocketmirror? I ask for "free" because if we are going to spend a cent on this it is going to be towards a wm5 device. I have been shocked at the hurdles we have had to overcome to get his device syncing OTA with exchange (still not working) and desktop.