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    Ok guys i am going to go with the red treo 680, and if anyone calls it a girly phone well then they just wish they had one. I am new to palm had a blackberry 8700, 7100, 7280, pearl, blackberry user for years. Please help me out what good software are you guys using? Just looking for links or ideas of software or shareware that is avail. for the palm, any information will help as i never owned a palm in my life.
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    What are you hoping to get out of your Treo? That will help us give you better suggestions. Also using the forum search function will be very useful to you.

    Good back up software is a must. Many use NVBackup, but I use RescoBackup. A file manager is also a must. You can use the one provided on the software CD that comes with the 680 or use FileZ. I use RescoExplorer.

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    We have been discussing the manliness of carrying a colored Treo here...

    I wrestled with the Crimson 680 being "girly" and not "business like"...but I have made the decision that I am confident enough in my masculinity to carry any color, and that it's good to "shake up" the conventionality of the corporate setting with a flash of color. All said...color is a good thing...especially Crimson.

    On a more serious have come to the right place to learn about your Treo. I too am a total Treo-newbie, having come to the smartphone arena after years of messing with mobile phones. I have found a wealth of information here, and lots of folks that are quick and willing to lend a hand. Most here remember that they were newbies once too.


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