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    I'm new to the site.
    Been doing the best I can with FAQ and searches before posting.
    But when searching for cases I get conflicting opinions and reviews.

    I have a treo700p. I want to protect it. I dropped my cell phone more than I will admit. And god only knows when I will drop my treo. But I want to be prepared. What case will give me the best protection and ease of use. Not looking for something I have to open and close or remove my treo to use. Something like a hard or metal case. Where I dont have to remove anythign to use my treo.

    Suggestions guys?
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    I suggest looking into the SPE SliderCase, even though I returned it for a bulkier-than-needed experience (too much space between edges of case and Treo) and lower initial quality (rubberized material was coming off, grey band wasnt flush on one corner). If you want protection, that should do the trick and provide you with access to almost everything (except the LED and battery cover).

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