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    Does anyone have experience using Webguide, a program which allows one to remotely schedule recordings for windows media center, and to watch live tv or recorded programs?

    I know I have webguide set up correctly because I can watch from a remote PC, but I cant' get it to work on my treo. Every time it tries to open up the stream page (a .aspx page), it asks me whether I want to download to card. I think I have the stream encoded in windows media 9 so that Kinoma should see it, but it's not working.

    Can anyone help?
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    have you tried ?
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    I have tried ORB, but it ruined many settings on my HP laptop which came preinstalled with MCE2005 and the hardware needed.

    I hadn't seen webguide until yesterday but now that I have played with it, it's a much better interface. Looks like a finished product with a better interface. The developer has some fairly customizable options, I would like to stick with this product - if I can get it to work with the Treo 700p.

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