I posted this on the Mark/Space forums but so far have gotten no response; if anyone here can help that would be most appreciated:

Please help me. I have been using Missing Sync for about a month now, has been pretty good, and as soon as I started using it I made some iTunes playlists that I synced with it without any problems. Well now the iTunes conduit doesn't seem to sync, but there are two possible things that I think could be causing the problem, 'cause I made two big changes at once. First, I got a new (much bigger) SD card, but copied everything over but the audio files and did create an AUDIO folder. But then, stupidly, I decided to give mOcean a try as an MP3 player, and used their stupid iTunes sync thing, but now have decided I don't like it, so tried to wipe anything mOcean-related off the Treo and card, and now there're no MP3 files whatsoever on my SD card, but I've tried a million times to sync with Missing Sync and I cannot get the iTunes playlists to transfer to save my life.

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Oh, and I'm not getting anything in the sync history that will help me out, it just says "OK Mark/Space conduit for iTunes." So I really don't know what's going on.

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One more thing I discovered - I put some music on my Treo by mounting it on my computer and manually dragging the album into Missing Sync in iTunes, but when I then synced after that it removed the MP3s that I had put on. What is going on???