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    Hi there, I am interested in the Palm Treo 700P or 700WX and I'm curious to know if I will be able to sync the Treo with my work PC and then with my home PowerBook G4. At work we use Outlook and at home I use Entourage.

    Also interested in hearing pro/cons regarding the 700P vs. 700WX.

    Thank you in advance for your insight.

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    I have the same exact issue.

    Anybody using Missing Sync for the Mac and Activesync on the same phone? I'm using a Treo 750V.

    I use a Mac for travel and two windows machines for work and home. So far the sync between the windows machines is flawless. I dont want to ruin that when I sync the Mac.
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    Well, I was syncing my 700p with both my Mac and my PC, Mac using Missing Sync and PC using Palm Desktop. I used Outlook for a while, and wasn't pleased with the results. I think the categories weren't transferring from the Treo to Outlook, or something like that. If you're happy with that, or don't have that problem, it should work great, mine was.

    I was using Switch Sync Ex (or something like that) to sync with Outlook, because, for some reason, I wanted to keep using the Palm Desktop. That could have been the source of my problems. Now, I just sync with my Mac. I have been thinking of syncing with my PC, just to add the calendar and tasks, but, I've just been lazy.

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