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    Hi. N00b here, so apologies if this has been discussed (and by all means point me to the appropriate place if so)

    I have a 700p on which I've put the OEM clear skin - the one that covers the keyboard (which I like) but not the screen (which I don't).

    I'd feel a little safer with slightly heftier protection, but I don't really want a pouch or heavy leather case. Has anybody tried using one of the hard "shell" cases (the kind with port cutouts and the flip up screen protector eg this sort of design over a skin? Does it fit? That would be the perfect solution for me if it works.... And if so, any particular brand?

    Just wondering.... TIA!
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    those hard cases dont fit over your skin. I have a hard case with a flipup screen protector and I love it.

    The only downfall Im finding is that I cant find a holster that it will fit into. I dont like the belt clip that, that case comes with. I dont like my unit to spin freely, I like a holster/clip to click into place. Also with that belt clip even tho the hard screen protector flips up and usually stays in place I found that when it was on my belt the screen protector would open every once and awhile. I didnt like that. Now, until I find a holster that I like, I keep my unit in my pocket.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the response.

    I'm hesitant to keep the keyboard open and unprotected - I wonder if I could cut a cheap ebay skin and somehow use just the kbd section with a hard case.. hmm....

    Any other cases folks particularly like (again, point me to a thread - i did search, but nothing specific came up). I wish there was something like a fitted leather case that had a FULL plastic cover across screen and kbd, but so far I haven't seen one.


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