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    Space Docking Simulator 160x160 and 320x320

    Hello to all,

    Ok, it is finally done! Space Docking Simulator is the most advanced space rendez-vous simulator game available on a Palm/Treo device. It is a sequel title of my other game Lunar Lander Simulator This time you are attempting the second most difficult operation during a Moon landing mission: The space rendez-vous.


    Space Docking realistically simulates the Apollo command module docking with the lunar lander. During the docking, you may also have to cope with system malfunctions while you are busy flying the spacecraft! You will use the same instruments that astronauts used during space docking including the X-pointer, radar and distance tape. During the all flight, a voice from Houston will announce your distance, closing rate and and fuel remaining.


    * Work with most Palm/Treo devices with OS 5.0+ and at least 1 meg heap memory (Treo 600/650/700p/680) and (Palm TC,TX.T3,T5,LifeDrive)

    * Realistic physics modeling

    * Actual Apollo command module instruments rendering such as the X-pointer, distance tape and docking radar

    * Houston voice announcements of your distance to target, closing rate and fuel level

    * Realistic sound effects during flight

    * Spacecraft sub-systems (radar,fuel,thruster..) may fail at any time during the docking mission

    * Three game levels : Rookie, Pilot and Commander

    * Two missions to choose from (docking and tracking)

    * Docking score takes into account accuracy, touchdown velocities, fuel remaining among other things

    * Keep track of 10 past scores and graphically display them

    * 20+ pages user's guide

    * FREE version updates. You will not have to pay for any future Space Docking Simulator version!

    The attached prc is the full version and will run for 7 days so go ahead and check it out. There is also a PDF guide.

    I also want to take this opportunity to thank my wonderful beta testers. You guys rocks!!


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    Hello again,

    I am happy to report that Space Docking Simulator is now available right here in the TreoCentral store!

    Have fun with it!


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