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    Hello everyone i'm having problems with my 700p. My keyboard won't light.

    The only time it turns on is when I adjust my brightness and then its only brief. I take it this is a malfunction within the phone its self. So I am going to call palm. My question is for people that have replaced their hardware through palm.

    Do I have to send in my phone first or can they send me a phone first. Everything else works I would hate to be without my phone.

    Forgot to mention I am within the manufacturers year warranty.

    Any experiences are welcomed. Oh and what's the best # for the warranty dept at Palm, I was on hold for 40 mins earlier.

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    Do you have insurance on your phone with your service provider? If so you call them up and they send you a new replacement and once you get it you mail back your old one.
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    yeah I have insurance but there is a 50 deductable. I think Palm should replace it for free.

    I just want to know how it is dealing with Palm

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