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    Originally posted by Shabadoo
    I'm seeing that behaviour here as well. Frustrating, no?

    Anyway, the only thing I miss now about Launch 'Em beta is having the tabs along the righthand side instead of along the top. :^(

    Still good freeware.
    I'm seeing that same problem with the Up/Down buttons scrolling the Tabs sometimes. I think it's time for another note to Bozidar

    I'm a registered Launch'Em user and one of the the things that I miss is having the tabs along the bottom instead of along the top... Bozidar won't be adding this feature as it'll be too much like copying Launch'Em. He's adding other good things though
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    Originally posted by kalahari

    He's adding other good things though
    Yeah, like MemPlug support! (Now if PalmGear would only send me one!)
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    Bozidar has released another yet version 2.1 of Launcher III -- I've seen three so far. This new version appears to have fixed the problem with Tab Properties occasionally showing when the Up/Down scroll buttons are used.
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    Just downloaded the latest Launcher III. Got my tabs set up & made it my default Launcher. So far, so good. I appreciate everyone's posts - it helped me make an educated decision between Launcher III & Launch 'Em.

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