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    Hiya fellas, i just got my treo 680, and i wanted to install Pocket MAME:

    Now, maybe it's because im a total newb, but it's instructions are something along the lines of:

    The loader "PalmMAMELoader.prc" must be installed to regular memory, NOT SD card.
    The modules can either be put on SD card, or in regular memory. If they are put on SD card they must go in the directory /palm/programs/palmmame
    Roms are NOT provided with PalmMAME, you must find them yourself.
    All roms must go on SD card in directory /palm/programs/palmmame/roms and they can remain zipped.
    Images for the Status Bar must go on SD card at /palm/programs/palmmame/StatBar/

    Sound samples are supported, but artwork is not.

    Summary of directory structure

    Modules: /palm/programs/palmmame/
    Roms: /palm/programs/palmmame/roms/
    Samples: /palm/programs/palmmame/samples/
    StatusBar: /palm/programs/palmmame/StatBar/"

    I just got a 8gb SDHC card, and i just DO not understand how to do this, i feel like such a dumbass right now
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    exactly which part dont you understand? (and yes that can sound sarcasting but Im asking honestly)

    If you need to create those directories, put your memory card in a card reader hooked up to your PC. Drill into that memory card and create those directories (folders).

    Im assuming youve formatted your card and youve gotten a card reader that reads SDHC cards?

    If youre not sure about installing the .prc, thats just like intsalling any other program on your palm. Hotsync it over.

    The modules (ROMS) refer to the actual games.

    Hopefully this helped. If theres still something youre not understanding, post exactly what youre having trouble with and we can go from there.
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    No, i didnt get a card reader Are they faster than uploading stuff to the sd card via the treo?

    It took almost all night to upload 3.5 gigs of MP3s
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    seriously like 10x's faster with a card reader vs hotsync. spend the $20, I promise you will thank me for the advice.

    I just bought a laptop and I specificially made sure it had a card reader on it.

    You can also check out a program called "cardreader" it will allow your card to stay mounted in your Treo and act like a card reader when its tethered to your pc with the hotsync cable.

    You can check this software out @
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    Ok ok, i just bought one last night and installed Little John Palm and also Mame, LJP works like a dream with NES games, but is a bit slow with SNES games and it doesnt move as fast as i'd like it also crashes whenever i try to load a Genesis game..

    MAME just outright crashes whenever i try to load any type of game..

    Has anyone been successful in playing certain games on MAME?

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