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    I purchased a brand-new condition 700p from a gentleman whose company switched to Blackberry soon after he purchased the phone.

    Unfortunately I am having headset-jack problems with the 700p as Palm probably hasn't addressed the design flaws that also disabled my 650 using headset jack regularly.

    I don't have a receipt from the seller. What can I do as the phone is clearly under warranty(since the 700p was released in May 2006).

    I took the phone to a Verizon store and they won't touch it without receipt even though they have record of original activation date/original owner name. One rep brought out the fine-print and stated technically warranty voided as I am not first person who activated the phone.

    I work for a large company and I replaced the standard-issue mobile out of pocket with the Treo for productivity reasons.

    I don't want a replacement, just want the headset jack fixed as BT on the Treo is substandard compared to wired. And I don't want to pay Palm $199 for an issue that shld hv been resolved long ago.

    Pls. help.
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    I'm afraid Verizon has you between a rock and a hard place. . . . unless you are nearing end of contract term and can negotiate with them about the benefit of your paying the $49 a month for data w/ the Treo vs. no data plan on a plain cell phone. . . .

    Three options:

    1. Volume Care Pro takes care of the Treo "thinking" the jack is inserted and thus muting the mic and regular ear speaker: I believe there is a free trial.

    2. A forum member does jack replacements cheaper than the $199 at Palm.

    3. Could the seller get it repaired for you?

    Cheers, Perry.
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    that is bs. do this. go to the store like you want to buy a phone. then say if I sell it to my mom or someone does the warranty follow. I bet they say yes.

    I bought on on ebay and they replaced it. waa a 650 same headset problem. verizon shouldn't care its a hardware defect which goes back to palm. call verizon instead and thet will send you a refurb.
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    TRY THIS....i experienced the same thing and was able to fix my phone

    stick in the headset into the treo and wiggle the jack around a bit...after a 10-15 seconds of "toying" around with it..i was able to get it to work again
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    My wife has had two Treo 700p replaced because of jack issues. Under warranty, of course.
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