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    Does anyone know any program where bluetooth can be turned on and off on a Treo 650 by touching one button or key?
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    the naitive bt app (once youre in it, and maybe thats what youre asking is one that does it without having to open one) has an on/off button for bt.
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    Take a look at BTOff & BTOn -

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    Thanks! I see there is a prc for BTOn and a prc for BTOff. Do you have to install both prc's to have it toggle on and off? Also, do the prc's locate in the launcher? Have you used this on a Treo 650 and what have you found?

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    On my 650 one has to have both installed. On the 700p I only have BTOff installed - it toggles. Yes they do show in the launcher.


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