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    I think it also remains to be seen if the 755p shares he same hardware as the 750w. If that is the case, then the lag may still be there.

    Palm is spreading themselves to thin to support the products they already have on the market.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowmite View Post
    Exactly, people don't seem to realize, the 755p is not a upgrade, it's a downgrade. You get exactly as follows:

    1) No antenna (cosmetic)
    2) .1mm smaller (cosmetic)
    3) Less battery (functional)

    So, that's 2 cosmetic increases and a functional decrease... And don't forget, they want you to PAY for this downgrade!
    I don't even understand why they would bother with such a minor upgrade or ahem downgrade. Maybe the damn thing will work right?? Nah.
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    why is everyone calling this an upgrade? it looks like a new phone to me.
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    I will put my two cents in with Merlyn, had a 650 with problems, they fixed it in a couple months, the 700p has gotten nothing, I have had 8 of them and they all experience the same things, the issues that Merlyn has brought up. I tried to get Verizon to switch it with a 6700 (something I swore to never do in the past) but they would not do it, they would send me another 700p...still the same on #8. All the software I have worked fine on the 650, the 700p from a bare phone was crashing. People do have legit problems, some of them I didn't believe until I experienced them first hand. As it is, I am jumping ship as soon as the 6800 is released, Palm's customer support is really really bad.
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    I for one will never buy another palm device. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I can't see them becoming a better company because they put out a newer treo. All indications are that they know nothing about customer relations and quality. That doesn't change because the phone does. It is a shame because I really like the potential of this device. Guess I'll use it till I save some money for a blackberry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever7 View Post
    please link suggestions...websites phones etc
    Ive had it with palm

    I want touch screen, qwerty, evdo, vista 64bit compatible
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    Quote Originally Posted by pump142 View Post
    please link suggestions...websites phones etc
    Ive had it with palm

    I want touch screen, qwerty, evdo, vista 64bit compatible
    and a pony!
    "So long and thanks for all the Treos!"
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    I think the patch is taking this long because all of the "fixes" were put into the 755p. Being that the 700p and 755p have pretty much the same hardware, I bet when the 700p patch does come out it will patch it to the same OS/firmware of the 755p. Maybe we will get some new software out of it? (Wishful thinking)
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    I don't think Palm has ever given "new" software with a device ROM update. The LifeDrive 2.0 update was the last substantial improvement. Prior to that, the 650 saw a few decent updates and the T5's 1.1 update was a big stability and performance improvement but otherwise we haven't seen Palm really big on the OS upgrades since the OS 3 to OS 4 days (remember when you could buy the Palm III expansion card and take an original Pilot 1000 all the way to 2mb of RAM with an IR port and OS 4.1? Those were the days!).

    Back on topic:
    The only things I could imagine Palm realistically adding are the new phone app from the 680 (very unlikely), their new IM client (unlikely) or some of the extra GUI tweaks seen in the 680 or likely in the upcoming 755p.
    Remember, someone posted on TC recently that the versions of Blazer & VersaMail on the 755p are IDENTICAL to those on the 700p. If so, that's very disappointing. VM in particular still needs some work (fixing the database corruption issues, please Palm?) and Blazer is still far from perfect.

    My guess is that the 700p's ROM update will mostly address Bluetooth since that seems the most "fixable". They'll probably get it up to at least the 680's level, if not better. I think the lag may be VERY slightly improved on but I am not holding my breath.

    I think the 755p will have a handful of small changes not found in the patched 700p (less lag, better camera, more DBcache/heap, GUI tweaks) but nothing worth spending the big $ if you're a 700p user. I expect the 755p's main audience to be 650 users upgrading and/or new users IF the pricing is reasonable ($300 or less w/ 2 year contract)
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    In the mean time my personal 700p is serving me well... as long as I don't go NEAR versa mail my lag issues are minimal. I also have TONS of 3rd party apps which serve me well. Other things I love are AD2P with Softick ,

    BUT Please palm give us some LOVE!

    As it is I'm not feeling the love... My work 700wx died and after sending back the refurb one's 4 way is wacked for tactile feedback. so I'm getting annoyed with Palm. The corporate intellisync server sucks too and kills battery.

    SO... last week I just got a BB 8800 for work (abandoning the 700wx), I'm starting to see a "dream device" take shape.

    1) Integrated GPS with a few OK mapping apps (waiting on google maps GPS support for BB),
    2) seamless email with LITTLE to NO battery drain (vs. Intellisync wireless on 700wx),
    3) Nice hot keys (R for reply, dedicated delete key...),
    4) true voice dial over BT,
    5) THIN, light, AMAZING battery, automatic brightness control, built in control of your fonts across all apps

    BUT... WHERE is my PTunes, BT stereo, better memo and tasks app, broad video codec support, camera, and other apps I love... 4cast, 2Day. Sure there are equivalents, but I'm not that happy.

    so maybe the 700p update will genetically merge the BB 8800 with the 700p like the brundel-fly... and...

    OK back to something closer to reality...
    I still love my 700p... come on palm give me the 680 SW tweaks, fix the problems (would really like the versamail induced lag to be GONE, so I could actually use the app), BT improvements (but please don't break BT SAG)

    PS, if sprint can bring EVDO to vermont I'll be happy too
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    Quote Originally Posted by BabelFish View Post
    and a pony!
    whatever floats your boat man
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    Not sure how long it's been on Palm's support site, but there's a live chat feature now. I logged on and asked about software updates for the 700p. The guy sounded pretty scripted. No updates at this time, check the website for updates, etc. I also asked if he got this question often. He replied not very frequently. He also added he could not comment on updates.

    I suggest others log on to ask as well, so they know we're out here!
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    I still miss my i500. if it wasn't for the messaging issues, I would still have it and have bypassed the 700p altogether. I get resets about 3-4 times a week. I get the access/palm loop about once every 3-4 weeks that requires a hard reset. My bluetooth never works on a continual basis. I've lost many calls because I can't connect while driving and I'm fumbling to pick up the phone. And I miss the call or the phone resets or god knows what else. More often than not it takes forever to get to Blazer. I get a white screen for 10-30 seconds and a clicking sound.

    And it's a big a** brick. The only plus I've found with it is the EVDO. Other than that, I could've lived with my i500 for awhile longer. I think they could've skipped the 700 and just gone to the 680/750 version but with EVDO. Too many models. They should've only had four total.... a windows version and a palm version. And each one on GSM and CDMA. They should've been in the smaller casing with all the bells and whistles on the 700 series.

    But I'm done with it. I have a 6700 coming. I would complain and have it switched out for a new 6700, but I don't want any more obligation than what I have with the 700p so that I can upgrade to whatever comes out later this year or early next. I might switch back to the Treo if the ROM upgrade does solve all my problems. Until then, I'll come back to Palm when it's Linux based. Hopefully LG will do something with it then. Create a nice flip or something. And I've been a palm owner since my Professional.
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    Count me as someone who misses my i500, as well as the never-released i550.

    Don't get me wrong, the functionality of the Treo is superior in many ways. It was the lack of BT support that made me dump the i500 for the 650. The irony is that when I "upgraded" to the 700p, I ended up not using BT because of bad audio and dropped calls/lost pairings. And this was with the Palm Treo BT headset! What gives?!
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    So in exchange for 1/3 less battery capacity, we gain 1mm less thickness in the case? If that's true, the Palm engineers/designers need to put down their crack pipes before their brainstorming sessions.

    Really - it's nice to lose the antenna and make a slightly thinner device, but not at the expense of further shrinking an already woefully short battery life. "Style over Substance" is a SONY trademark, Palm better watch out!

    Back on topic... since "the letter" I'd basically resigned myself to getting at least bluetooth pairing to finally work (after 10 months and counting since the 700p release). Personally I think Palm's been shining us on, they can't even fix the bluetooth, and they're using the "carriers are testing it" excuse the past few months to keep sales moving until they EOL the thing and release the 755.

    Hopefully they keep garbage like Versamail and Docs to Go *OUT* of the ROM so that we have a choice of leaving it off our devices, or keeping only the current one on. The 700p was released with D2G 8.001 even though 8.003 was the current one on release day. Even if you move files onto the card, you're screwed up because then the older ROM version will take precedence and you get file conflicts. Doesn't anyone at Palm actually USE these devices and think this stuff through before dumping them on the market?
    Treo 755s in good condition available on ebay for $50-$75. No need to pay for insurance or buy a Pre.
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    I've downgraded mine to a's 1mm thicker than the 755 and I have a stub of an antenna (Zoti) but the battery lasts 3 times as long....

    Note I say downgrade since the 650, Plam has reversed the nomenclature: 700 and 755 are incremental retrogrades to the 650
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    We should all accept a certain reality. Palm is dead. its going to be bought out and we can only hope nokia (or motorola?) or whoever buys them out decides to show a customer-base known for loyalty (us) a little respect. Ive put my hands to some HTC designs and palm just cant compete.

    the 700p is the worst performing treo ive ever owned, that includes the 600. or the 180. just yesterday the phone decided to not deliver my text messages until it froze on me this morning, restarted and suddenly 5 text emssages came in one after the other that were sent to me the day before. I am getting the sneaking suspicion that the WX was the right model to go for and the 700p is turning out to be a lemon. palm wont care. they are done with this game and they know it. we must all accept that without an effective buyout of palm (i vote nokia) we will not be seeing future treo's. Access will put out ALP but they are a software company. I would love to see ALP partner with an HTC designed device. HTC is so innovative I am jealous.
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    I love Palm but won't get another Treo until I am sure that the SMS lag issue has been eliminated. I send and receive about 2500 text messages a month and the lag was KILLING me, so when the opportunity presented itself, I switched over to the Moto Q. No problems BUT no threaded SMS either - and the Q doesn't handle message receipt well either, but atleast it doesn't lock up...
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    I bought my 700p as soon as it was released. Is it too late to return it for a refund?
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    Quote Originally Posted by waterfrontmgmt View Post
    why is everyone calling this an upgrade? it looks like a new phone to me.

    looks don't mean anything if they haven't upgraded the OS and fixed the bugs aka "unique features"
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