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    Hi all you Treo Geniuses. I just upgraded from a 600 to a 650. No big deal, right? Wrong!! My wife wants to use the 600, so now I need to sync them both to the same PC running Office 2007. So, I guess I need the Outlook 2007 patch for the 650 version of Hotsync. Before, the 600 would sync with Outlook 2007 perfectly, but now, here is what is happening:

    Installed the 650 hotsync version to a separate directory from the 600 hotsync version hoping to make them work independently. No such luck. The 650 installer takes pocket mirror off the computer so the 600 cant see Outlook. Now, neither the 600 or the 650 will sync. XP recognises them both and sets itself up,then tells me my device(s) is(are) installed and ready to use, but Hotsync cant see either of them. So now, I have all my contacts in Outlook 2007 on the PC, and on the 600 because they have been synced. The only way to get my contacts into the 650 is to beam them over directly from the 600 to the 650. How can I just connect both phones with USB sync cables and fire up hotsync on each one as needed>

    Forgot to mention, I changed the user names too. My original user name on the 600 is now in the 650, and I set up a new name for my wife on the 600.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    reinstall it to the same directory, try that.

    save each of your user names folders out on your desktop before you uninstall it.
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    I think the only way for this to work is to use two separate profiles(logins) for Windows. You should be able to use the 650 software. When you are logged in, the 650 will sync to your Outlook. When she is logged in, the 600 will sync to her Outlook.
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    thank you guys, we got ot working. The new phone arrived yesterday and last night I startted getting things set up. This morning I finally figured it out, but with a "small" hitch. I uninstalled the hotsync version for the 600, and of course got complaints and errors from Windows, but thats no problem anymore. Then I installed the downloaded version of the 650 Hotsync software. During the install, it asked for user names, which I entered for both phones. Synced the 650 and while I began (heres the hitch) process of clearing all the duplicate calendar and contact entries, synced the 600. To my delight and surprise, it immediately set up and synced. After I get all the dups out of the 650, I can start on the 600 and it should be done.

    First, thanks for the help and advise. Second, what had me worried was the Palm documentation saying Pocket Mirror "had" to "be there" for the 600, but the 650 install kept removing it. Guess I should have known.

    Forgeto to mention that I had to install the patch for Office 2007 before it would work.
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