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    I got the TomTom Nav6 bundle that included the Palm branded Bluetooth GPS Receiver, and up until a couple of days ago, it was working great. Recently (after sliding off the dash, but not very far, or quickly) it will get a very dim light on the amber "gps lock" led, and it will not aquire a fix, or even pair with my 700p. Anyway, i think that i figured out that the case was pressing on the antenna, and it was shorting out with something else on the IC board, but i don't want to disassemble because it should still be under warrenty. For now, i can unhook the battery, pray a little, and then plug it back in, and about 50% of the time it will work after that.

    I travel alot and i need something reliable, and i need something while the receiver is being serviced. What's my best option? I was reading that the BT-359 is really good, but is it better than the Palm Receiver? Can i purchase a bacck up palm receiver anywhere? Would anyone suggest something else?
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    You might want to check out the iTrek M3, M5, and M6. I have a BT-359 and my wife has the BT-338. Both work about the same for our purposes and I think the newest BT-338 has the same power-off/standby features as the BT-359. The BT-359 is a bit more expensive since it is newer and slimmer. However, if you are keeping it in your car, the size is irrelevant since both are pretty small. You might want to check the forums at

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