All the reading I have done says to replace the Hotsync software that matches the 600 with the version for the 650 when I upgrade. That I can handle. Heres my situation:

My wife wants to use the 600 when I change over, so how do I sync them both on the same computer to Outlook 2007? Yep, thats right Outlook 2007! I found that my 600 will sync to it without the "patch" from Palm that the 650 apparently needs, so this is starting to sound really convoluted. The 650 has not yet arrived, so I am trying to get all the information I can to make this as swift and painless as possible. I will be doing a hard reset on the 600 so that I can put her user name and other info in it and transferring all my stuff to the 650, alsong with the user name.