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    Hi all.

    Is there a way that I can create a more eficient music stream on my Treo 650. I use Shoutcast and PTunes Deluxe ver 3.1.8. There are times I can get a relatively stable 128kbs stream usually more at night. I just installed PXA Clocker but I am at work and have not had a chance to play with it.

    on a secondary note, can I run Ptunes from my card? I have a 8gb card so I have plenty of space.

    Any help is sincerely appreciated.
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    You should by able to run PTunes from the card. You probably have to wait for a HSDPA Palm Treo for better streaming. I think it will always be hit or miss.
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    Thanks for the info
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    I use to use that version. It was real unstable. I had to search the site and look for stations that were 24 or 28 rates to work. I had to download them to the Treo or the card and look for them when needed.

    The new 4.x version of Pocket Tunes Deluxe has these station integrated in the app.

    No need to search, download, manage anything. I just click on Internet Radio, choose a category, pick a station and it just works.
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    Had the same problem with 128k streams on my Sprint 650...
    Most of the time the stream would be uninterrupted.
    But depending on the station and the time of day, it could get interruptions.

    I think it depends on at least these factors:

    1. Cellular network usage
    2. The station's network

    I recall once streaming Club977 (128k stream) at 4am on a Sat morning. It was fine until about 5:30am when it started cutting up. Go figure.

    If you are in an EvDO area, your 1xRTT stream should be better and suffer from less congestion as they use a larger backbone for data and you benefit from that even though using 1xRTT.

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