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    This is my first post in these forums, hope that this is the right forum for my question.

    I was a Z71 user for a while, about 2 years .

    Now i want to go for the treo line. Treo 680 seems the best.

    I'm going to Paris next week may be, I want to know where to find an unlocked brand new QWERTY Treo 680 there?

    I want the best possible deal.
    I did my research, i ended with no results.
    Thanx in advance.
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    Go to Palm's website, that is where unlocked 680's are sold. I got mine there. They offer free shipping right now, but you can pay a bit extra for expedited shipping. about $400 for an unlocked 680. Apart from that, I don't know of any other place you can get one before next week... unless you visit a Plam store near you.
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    A Treo 680 in Paris is probably around $400 euro, maybe more. That's quite a bit more than $399 from a Palm Store in the US. It's never cheaper to buy US products overseas becuae trade agreements mean that our products will be taxed to bring the price up in line with competing local products.
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    Thanx guys for your Ideas. I really appreciate them, i didn't know that palm has free shipment.

    So, I'm going to stay there about one week.
    Say I'm traveling 25 this month.
    What is the best way to buy a 680 and have it shipped at the right time and how many money, approx does it cost me overall .

    Can you recommend me good accessories that you've experienced well?

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