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    Some time ago, a program called Treo Tools was available. It allowed you to set up a schedule to turn your Treo's radio on and off at a preset time, say on at 7:00 AM and off at 11:00 PM. It worked great on the 600 and 650 but did not the 680. Unfortunately the developer chose not to support the 680.

    Then I spotted a piece of freeware caled RadioTimer. I contacted the developer, told him about Treo Tools, made a small PayPal contribution, and a few days later he rolled out Radio Schedule.

    It's a freeware program that allows you to set up a weekeday and weekend on/off schedule for the Treo 600/650/680 radio. It also gives you the ability to have the radio turned on automaticaly after a reset.

    This convenient program should help extend battery life and save you from unwanted calls.

    Here's the link:
    Dennis G. Esler
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    Not sure if works on the 680, but Phone Technician does the same, and more. I use it on my 700P.

    Not free, but it does a number of other useful things, too. One of my favorite features is that it will prevent alarms from going off in your ear while you're on a call.
    Bob Meyer
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    TreoHelper is free and it works on Treo 680.
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    Can anyone confirm if the Treo Tools works on the 700p?

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