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    Haven't seen anybody post this issue, so I'll start a new thread.

    Plugged in the 680 last night via USB to sync and charge. Left it to charge overnight, got up this morning and took it off the cable. Phone doesn't release.
    It still thinks its connected and charging! Battery is full, green light is on.

    Plugged it back in and did another Hot Sync just to see if that would wake it up. Synced just fine, but when I pulled the cable, no change.

    Soft reset got it back to normal, but the battery dropped to 88% right away.

    Not sure if the phone thinking it is connected to the laptop is a problem, anybody got any thoughts on this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by StoneOfLove View Post
    Soft reset got it back to normal, but the battery dropped to 88% right away.
    especially this would suggest the battery meter needs recalibrating with a from-scratch charge. there are a lot of threads here on the subject -- basically, try running the battery down to nil, until the Treo won't even turn on anymore, then recharge (probably a good idea to use the USB charger for this purpose).
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    My 680 did just the same two days ago (one occurrence in ~3 months). I recalibrated the battery meter as described above and it is doing fine now (99% right off charging cable). It is still weird though why it would do that without any apparent reason.
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    OK. Strange tho, I just did a recal on the last recharge. I wanted to do that with USB, but once the battery got to the point of not turning on the phone, the USB would not charge the phone. (no red light at connection) If I had waited longer would that have come on? I needed the phone first thing the next morning so I didn't want to take a chance.

    FWIW, this was the first recal with the Seidio 2400mah battery.

    I will try it again, but it will be next week before the battery drains for me again.
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    Without red light on, the USB cable will trickle charge the phone but it may take ages to get the battery fully charged and then the green light will be turned on. In this case, my solution is to charge the phone first with the AC charger until it is live, then switch to USB charging.

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