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    Short of a Hard Reset how do I delete the attached icon?

    There are no messages, emails or voicemails in any folders.


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    That is the text message icon. If you go to messaging and you don't have anything unread in there, the icon got stuck. The only way I know, is to delete the text messaging database, which means you will lose anything in you rmessaging inbox or sent box.

    You can use a program like Filez to delete the file MessagesDatabase.pdb
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    I know with Verizon (on my old phone, never with my Treo) you can get 'ghost' message indicators. I call Verizon and they reset the messaging system. Try calling Sprint and see if it is similar.
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    I remember with my Bberry that a similar situation would sometimes occur. I think it was the voicemail icon though. A trick that would get rid of it was to leave another message and then when that registered, and was later deleted, it would get rid of the icon. You might try that.

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