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    Hi every body. This is my first posting at Treo Central. I have just purchased a Treo 680 and need some expertise advice on what apps to add onto this very new phone besides the camera patch and DST and besides those i already have on my Z72.
    I'm thinking of those that are more specific to the Treo 680 phone segment rather then its PDA ability! I'm also thinking of getting Butler, Reset Doctor and Phone Technician which are all from Hobbyist. Any comments on them especially they were first designed to correct faults on the Treo 650 which may not apply on the Treo680? Are there any other apps from other developers i should look into especially those on getting the phone segment STABLE or even those that are indirectly related for that matter? Put it this way, i'm looking for apps that will correct bugs and weaknest in Treo 680!

    I have these apps on my Z72 and i will install first those by number order,
    1. Uninstall manager
    2. ZLauncher
    3. Resco Backup
    4. Resco Explorer
    5. Takephone
    6. Hilauncher
    7. Onguard
    8. Kinoma Player
    9. PTunes
    10. TCPMP
    11. SplashPhoto

    And the others later that are less significant like Bibles,Readers, Games and so forth.
    Your thoughts, advice and suggestions are very much appreciated. I do hope i am making it clear on my specific needs and not too long winded. Thanks in advance
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    Welcome to TreoCentral. Sounds like you've got a good handle on things. I moved from a T3 to a 680. The big difference is that you don't use the stylus as much. So if you're looking for apps, check out how they work with the 5-D pad.

    One thing you may want to look for is something that keeps power on when plugged in. I currently use STOIC (STay On In Cradle). It's free and does the job. There are others that are more flexible. Depends on your needs.

    I've found the 680 quite stable. More than the T3. Of course that may be the new mix of apps. I don't have things related to the silkscreen/DIA area any more. Depending on how your application mix uses memory, you may want to look at MemInfo/DBCacheTool/etc. Reset Doctor has cache flush capability. Do a search for Cache. There have been a few threads on the subject.

    I've also installed KeyCaps and FieldPlus but those are options depending on how you work rather than necessities.

    Palm IIIc=>Sony Clie T665=>Palm T3=>Palm Treo 680
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    Sounds like you have done your research.

    Do the clean install -- this will move your PIM apps to the 680 and then you can start installing the 3rd party apps fresh. . . .

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