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    I've been bouncing around OSs lately. Long story short, my old XP laptop died and the replacement had Vista, which I considered re-installing with Linux, and am now considering passing off and replacing with an an Apple.

    I'll still need some Windows apps, so I plan on running parallels, but I also checked out Missing Sync which seems very nice.

    Any experienced recommendations appreciated.
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    Missing Sync is close to perfect, it's a tonne better than Palms Desktop and it would be a pain to bring up XP in Parallels each time you want to sync. Go with the Mac, I very much doubt you'll be dissapointed.
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    Missing sync is very good.
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    I have to echo the comments already stated. I had a terrible time with palm desktop and my 680. I had frequent crashes, and lots of timeouts. Once I upgraded to missing sync, all my sync problems vanished. It also works great with the conduits from Now software.

    Highly recommend using the mac os and missing sync.
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    I have had MS since my old Clie' days once you get it up and running it is close to perfect, their support is slow, which helped me figure it out on my own, I heard they are also going with phone support.
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    if you are not up to pay for missing sync... isync suits my needs very well
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    Thanks! Missing Sync looks very good. Does it sync email as well?

    I'm currently using Thunderbird, and haven't decided if I'll go to Thunderbird Mac, or try the default Mac Mail. Syncing will be part of the decision, I guess
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    Bump in case anyone has any experiencing sync'ing mail between Palm and Mac/Missing Sync...
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    I find switching between OSX and Windows / Parallels pretty fast since you can do it with a keycombo. It wouldn't be inconvenient to go that way.
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    Missing Sync works quite fine, but it doesn't handle Mail sync, as far as I can tell (but I use pop mail to get/send my mail on the move, so I didn't check this detail...)

    One major shortfall of Missing Sync, though, is the lack of "PDA replaces Desktop" function. If anything goes wrong during the sync, your're screwed if you don't have a Desktop backup. And I've lost both address book entries, all of them, mind you, and occasionally datebook entries as well, so I find that Mac sync is a lot less reliable than Windows sync - never had a problem on my PCs before switching to Mac...

    Add to this than the Palm datebook is not fully compatible with iCal, especially when it comes to repeating events or even spanning more than one day, and you find yourself with a working but often frustrating experience... I spend far more time manually tweaking my datebook or address book entries to get the desired result than I did using XP and the Palm Desktop... :-(

    Too bad because I really came to appreciate MacOS...

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