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    Hi there.
    I am using a second hand 650 from my Dad who upgraded to a 680.
    It is now an unlocked GSM and I have the latest 1.20 software from Palm installed.

    The microphone within the speakerphone does not transmit sound. The speaker works fine.

    Also, my Dad also told me that the headset does not work, but I have no headset to use.

    Ideally, I want to fix the speakerphone's microphone.

    Can anybody help determine what could be the fix for this? Is the speakerphone microphone related to the headset jack?

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    i was never able to use the microphone in speakerphone mode. some kind of known issue i guess. since i never need to use the speakerphone, i can live with it. maybe someone in the forum knows more.
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    @jinx Is Bluetooth related to the speakerphone or headset jack? Did you or do you have have any good luck with a Bluetooth headset?

    On a side note, I want to go for the Kirk look rather than the Uhura look. If you know what I mean...
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    BT works wonderfully and so does the cabled headset and the same applies for speaking with the loudspeakers off with the treo stuck to your ear.
    Its only when i tried using the speakerphone for loud listening, that i wasn't received at the other end, but it was quite a while back when i tried that. back´then i remember scanning the forums and finding out that the 650 has this bug.
    Never heard of Kirk or Uhara but i am fine using BT, the headset is so small that one harldy notices it and often ppl think that i am speaking to myself, but i dont have a problem with that because i often do speak to myself :- )
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    Ok, I guess I'll try out a Bluetooth headset.

    The reference to Kirk and Uhura is from the TV show Star Trek. Captain Kirk uses his 'communicator', which is most likely the inspiration the Treo was designed in the first place, by using it in speakerphone mode. Uhura is the communications officer who used an ear piece to listen in on all frequencies, much like modern day Bluetooth ear pieces.

    Picture of Star Trek communicator

    Image of Uhura with ear piece

    I'm a Trekker, and not ashamed.
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    I realize why my 650 was given to me after my Dad upgraded to a new 680.

    The headset jack does not work, the microphone on the speaker phone does not work, and a Bluetooth Treo Headset will not transmit or send audio signals.

    Also, the crease in the plastic molding near the protruding antenna is, well, loose.

    Does anyone know of a good Treo Repair shop?
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    hi sethron,
    thanks for the uhura/kirk enlightenment.
    your treo seems to hate audio input in every possible manner. a very unlucky case indeed.
    if you dont have much to loose and are also brave enough: open the device and fiddle around a bit - who knows, some stuff might regain functionality.
    i wish you luck in finding a solution. the 650 can be very enjoyable and it has been my sturdiest palm smartphone since the beginning of treo.
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    @jinx You're welcome for the Trekker references.
    Would you know of a good resource that has a illustrated guide for disassembling the 650?

    I got it:

    I think this is as close to a manual as I'll get....
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