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    This may have been discussed, but I cannot find it, so any assistance is appreciated.

    I have an Acura TL with integrated BT. I also have a Jabra BT headset.

    I have both devices paired and listed as trusted devices. Here is my issue:

    I cannot find an easy way to switch from one BT device to the other. For example, if I pick up a call on my Acura HFL, I cannot transfer that call to my headset (i could do this with my V710 very easily).

    Also, say I am in the car and my HFL in the car automatically connects to the 700p, I cannot find a way to shut off the car HFL at the phone (basically an ignore feature) and connect to my Jabra BT headset.

    The Jabra BT headset is useless in my car. Even if I get into the car with the 700p "connected" to the headset, the 700p drops the Jabra device as soon as I start the car and picks up the HFL.

    For some people, this may not be an issue, but I am in Sales and I often have Customers or Principals in my vehicle and I need to keep my phone calls private. The only way I can do this is to "transfer" to the phone. I would like to be able to be able to "toggle" between BT headset devices.

    Hopefully, I have been clear. Please help a VERY frustrated user. TIA.
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    Does anyone have two BT devices that they can toggle between the two? Surely, i can't be the only one that has two BT devices that need to be switched between them on demand. This was easy in the V710. How could Palm over look something so simple. Or...maybe it is me that is simple, but Palm "not very technical support" could not answer it either.

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    Sorry, I don't have a solution but I feel your pain. I too have a TL and a Jabra JX10 headset and if I have both the TL and Jabra bluetooth active my Treo gets completely confused most of the time.

    Sometimes it freezes and needs a soft reset, sometimes the connection will drop from one and transfer to the other but I won't be able to hear anything on either one. I've learned to turn off my Jabra before starting the car and just use the HFL (although I'm always in my car alone so privacy is not an issue for me like it is for you).

    I kind of wish Acura would have designed the system to be able to cancel the pairing if wanted. That way we could transfer b/w a headset and HFL. The only way to accomplish this seems to be to delete the Treo from the HFL which is completely useless. Or maybe Palm should have designed the Treo to be able to accomodate a switch on the fly?

    Anybody else out there with a solution to this?
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    Sounds like some sort of BT manager for the 700p is appropriate here...have the ability to switch BT headsets on the fly via press of a button. Not sure sure if such 3rd party app exists though.
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    To me having the ability to support multiple BT devices without a way to switch between them is a little ridiculous. If a V710 can do it, surely the 700p can.

    It just proves to me that the developers of the Palm SW are not technology users themselves or this would have been an obvious need. They obviously have not thought about their technology laiden user base very well.

    The inability of this feature makes me want to get rid of this thing. I mean, how many time should I have to re-boot my phone because it locks up and to not have a basic BT feature puts me over the top. I have to re-boot at least 2X a day - and I thought Microsoft was bad. I have NO third party programs loaded.

    I am a long time Palm OS user, but this phone has too many bugs and should not have been released to production or if released, it should have had a FW update almost immediately. As an engineer, I think I can safely make this comment. I would not want to release a design with all of the bugs that the 700p has and have my name tied to it.

    Very dissapointed for a $400 phone!

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