I set up activesync on my Sprint 700p to push changes to e-mail (headers only as I use Chatter), Calendar and Contacts. I realize that, when pushing, I must do all three or none at all. However, with pulling on a schedule I can pick any of the three seperately. However, it seems that no matter how this is configured, once you are set up to use activesync with exchange, you can no longer hotsync (with a cable) to those palm databases. I can use Keysuite (because it is a different database) but not pocketmirror. And this is even if I don't enable activesync for contacts.

My problem is that I have a shared contacts folder that I want sync'd to my palm contacts database. Keysuite will go to a seperate database but I am forbidden from using pocketmirror to sync as long as activesync is configured.

Anyone else having this issue? My only workaround is to find a product that synchronizes the shared contact folder to my personal folder (having nothing to do with a Treo) and then continue using activesync. Does anyone know of such a software program? Does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks.