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    I've had my Treo for about four months now and I am very disappointed with Versamail. I've got it set to check for mail every 15 minutes, but it usually fails to connect with the server. Sometimes it will connect, but usually I end up using the "Get" feature to go and look for the mail.

    Is there a better system for email?

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    I feel your pain. VersaMail has been doing basically the same thing to me on and off lately. I was under the impression that it was better than Cingular ExpressMail...but I dunno.

    Does anyone know if Cingular's ExpressMail will function the same, and is any more accurate and stable?
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    What email are you trying to connect to? ExpressMail is the same as Sprint Business leave a desktop on connected to your email server and then access the Sprint or Verizon server to download your mail. Works OK, but my IT people won't allow it for security reasons. My Versamail works very well, but with Gmail I did have the situation where it would only receive emails if I manually synced (it didn't pull them automatically). I solved that problem by just deleting and reinstalling the account.

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