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    I do have hotsync (via bluetooth) working and also install and docs to go, all functioning with Vista Business. I am also using Pocket Mirror, as the original set up did not sync. from what I've read on here, having all this works, seems highly improbable. I originally installed plam desktop and could not get to sync...then installed pocket mirror and had outlook syncing for a few months. Then i installed the new version of desktop (supposed to sync with vista) and it messed everyhing up!

    I deleted, re-installed the older plam desktop software, re-installed pocket mirror, got things back to syncing. Then on a whim re-installed the palm installer and docs to go, and it worked!!! I sync daily and all my docs sync and work great.

    I am not a huge tech savvy guy, but have a lot of patience and persistence. I just wanted to share that i have things working as they were with XP, and If i can be of any help, please let me know.
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    I was able to install my software on a brand new computer, Vista Home, 32 bit. Hotsync'd first time, no problem. Now my computer won't make the changes to the calendar or contacts.
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    I Installed Palm's desktop 6.2 beta on my laptop running Vista premium, and did sync. Program said it was transferring all data to my laptop, but it only transferred my "ToDo List", nothing else!

    No contacts, no calendar, not much of anything.

    Sync log said all went as it should, but...

    Does anyone have any suggestions?


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