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    Hi - quick question for those of you using PDANet with Vista.

    I have a new PC with Vista Home Premium (32-bit). PDANet installs ok and connects ok. However, when I start loading larger websites (or using my Slingplayer), the computer blue screens.

    Any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks!
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    must be the network/modem driver that PDANet uses. i would hold off with Vista for a little bit, at least until PDANet is officially supported. were you able to install the Palm software/Hotsync on Vista without problems? not meaning to hijack the thread.
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    Thanks for your reply. The Palm Desktop/Hotsync software installed on my Vista PC without problems.

    The June Fabrics site says that Vista 32-bit versions are supported, but you're right, it's pretty early. I've asked them this question as well - if I learn more I'll add it to this thread.
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    see if you can catch what the blue screen says on it when it crashes. it usually states what the culprit is, but in a kind of cryptic fashion, but that should tell you what caused the crash. Post if you can catch that.
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    i have vista and pdanet works fine for me..i just had to reinstall pdanet when upgrading
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    Quote Originally Posted by zelgo View Post
    ...June Fabrics. Great software; Horrid service.
    Same experience here with customer service.
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    Unfortunately, my blue screen is completely fuzzy for some reason. I can't actually read the text on the screen, if you can believe. My event viewer showed that Hotsync crashed during one of the crashes last night. But it appears that PDANet crashes regardless of whether Hotsync is running or not.

    I'm on Vista Home Premium, by the way - it's the 32-bit version.

    I haven't heard back from June Fabrics yet - I'll update when I do.
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    I heard back from June Fabrics today:

    "However as far as I know the only thing that could crash would be the HotSync USB driver (PalmUSBD.sys). Please try to see if the crash comes from that."

    It turns out that I had the wrong version of the Palm Desktop installed. I needed version 4.1.4E for Vista. Because PDANet uses PalmUSBD.sys to connect and my version of that driver was wrong, this caused the blue screen.

    Strangely enough, the treo sync'ed without problems. Only when I started to transfer larger amounts of data did the computer crash.
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    so does that mean you are working now?
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    Yup - everything seems to work now. Thanks for your help!

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