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    I've not seen this mentioned here so here goes: When i'm driving around my 680 will turn itself on (the screen will come on) and off randomly. The screen comes on for a few seconds and then goes back off. Sometimes it does this a lot. When i'm at home or stationary in one area it does not do this. It seems as though it's related to going in and out of signal, however, i've got the 680 set to chime when it goes in and out of signal. It chimes a lot at home, but the light doesn't come on. Anyone else have this?
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    Your phone will talk to the net work and your net work will talk to your phone at random times. When it does this your screen will turn on.
    The thing with the led. Mine hasn't worked right since I use Butler. So no help here sorry.
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    Have you checked whether bluetooth is on? My screen will come on if I have bluetooth on occasionally and I think it is when it sporadically receives something from another source.

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