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    My Inet on my Treo 650 has not worked for weeks. I have T-Mobile T-Zones plan (and yes i read the other thread w/ similar but not exact same problems) and the connection screen says CONNECTING then two seconds later CANCELING. earlier last week it was saying something about a GPRS problem. i have never changed my settings - it just stopped working. has t-mobile locked a certain port ? what is the way around this ?
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    try turning the phone off and then turning it back on.
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    ive done this plenty of times. still no luck.
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    TMobile has been systematically disabling people with actual smartphones from using t-zones rather than the internet plan... although you can try to have it re-send your network settings from the my-tmobile site
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    I got away with t-zones for abouta year. occasionally it wouldn't work and I could get one of the t-mo tech people to "knock me off the tower" or some other work around. Finally about 6 mos. ago I was told they've been going around the country gradually closing the ports that made it possible, and once they got to me, there was really nothing more to be done. I finally caved and got the full service internet. yes, its a lot, but I'm glad. Good Luck
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    if they close the ports you can still use a proxy and get on the web at least. the situation's been pretty inconsistent here in new york, last november or december they opened all the ports back up and then a couple of weeks ago they closed em down only to reopen them again.
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    im in new york as well but they dont work ... ill try going through the t-mobile website but if that doesnt work it looks like i have to get the full inet plan huh? $19.99 a month?
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    I am in Miami and I have a T-mobile ToGo service (prepaid).
    I have the same problem with Internet surfing and emails.
    Since 4 days I cannot browse the internet and cannot receive or send emails.
    If I open the web browser, it automatically login to the network successfully but then the browser remain still on sending and after approx 1 min a message pop up saying that the webpage cannot be reached.
    Hope they will re-open their servers pretty soon.
    BTW even when the internet browsing was working, I could never access the page: (which is the main page for the T-zones free service).
    Has somebody been able to access it ?

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