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    I'm having problems finding a Bluetooth headset where the volume is actually loud enough. From what I've read "VOLUME CARE" doesn't do anything with the Bluetooth headset.

    Does anybody have any suggestions? Any known software I can purchase? Any Bluetooth head set that is known to work better with the Treo 650?

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    I can't speak for all but I would suspect that a BT headset that's "in ear" as opposed to resting on the outside of your ear would work better. I've been using a Bluespoon AX for nearly a year now and don't have any complaints as far as volume goes. As long as it's snuggly in my ear I can hear very well, even while driving. As far as outbound volume sometime folks tell me I'm cutting out but for the most part they can't tell I'm on a headset. They know I'm on a cell phone though.
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    Which headset is it? Is it a motorola? I know all the motos I used had low volume. This was on a Samsung A900 btw, not a Treo. My Plantronics Voyager 510 has good volume on both my A900 and Treo.
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    The one I'm currently trying is the Motorola HS850. Anybody having good luck with Plantronics?
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    Plantronics Voyager 510. It's great with the 650 (no static at all, great volume), and most other phones in general.
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    Second on the 510. It's a little ugly and has a proprietary charger, but it's loud enough to work with the 650 and has good noise cancelling. Be careful if you pair it with more than one device: it'll blow out your eardrums.
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    I have the motorola bluetooth and it seems to have gotten better with the verizon update on my phone. Also, while on a call, hit the mute button on then off and it gives you a bit of volume boost. look at jeff's BTmute software.
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    I've never been able to get the mute/unmute thing to work. Does it work on all 650s?
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    That's the one I finally ended up with. It works much better and the volume is great. I'm a bit concerned about the thin piece of wire that loops over my ear because it doesn't look like it's strong enough to last long but we'll see.

    For now, I'm happy--I can hear my calls again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pinfante View Post
    I've never been able to get the mute/unmute thing to work. Does it work on all 650s?
    I think just with verizon branded treo 650's not sure.
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    I purchased the Plantronics Discovery 645 off eBay NIB and it works great. The Treo 650 does not have much range so you'll have to keep the phone close. Volume is great!

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