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    The program was working fine until last Thursday? (nothing added or changed), and then just wouldn't launch - just refreshes the current screen.

    I downloaded & installed Versamail 3.1, the DST updater, it appears to HotSync fine and still nothing - starting Versamail from quick-keys or menu just refreshes the current screen....ALL other programs work fine....

    Using XP & PalmeOne v 5.2H...

    Ideas? Thanks.....
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    can't tell from your profile, but if you're Verizon... you need to download VersaMail 3.1F........ AFTER you download and install Treo 650 updater 1.05A

    just a thought

    here's the link to the plam site:

    T3 > Treo650-VZW Custom ROM Transcend 8GB SDHC >> 755p-Sprint/SERO Transcend 4GB SDHC
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