Hey everyone.. Recently I posted something about how my treo would love to reset when receiving and sending text messages. I was fooling around with the features of the tro and found that if you ran Real PLayer in the background and put the phone itself on vibrate mode, your messages will go through fine and not reboot during sending or receiving. This only works if you are expecting to be in a long conversation with a contact back and forth. Unfortunately for me, the data packages available are too expensive here in Canada, so I only use my Treo really for text messaging and phone calls nowadays. Yes it does drain battery power but, it does avoid always having to explain why you haven't replied in a while or haven't received messages.

This "fix" works for me, not sure if it will work for everyone. Just load up a bunch of songs from your memory card, let it go through the playlist and you should be good to go.

I'm using a CDMA Treo 650 on Bell Mobility