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    Does anyone know of a car kit that allows a2dp functionality with SAG and the treo 650 so that i do not have to carry any cd's with me? I also would like for it to have voice dialing and possibly a sd card slot is there any such thing? By the way if there is no sd slot no big deal.
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    I just got one of Scosche's car kits. Easy to install (if your stereo has line-in) and cheap on eBay for the A2DP sink module only. There's no voice dialing, though the model I got came with a mic that you can put by your visors for handsfree profile calling.

    Parrot has the only kits on the market that do voice dialing with POS Treos. They have a new one that does A2DP and has voice dialing, but be prepared to pay for it in price and complexity of installation.
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    which model is that

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