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    I accidentally posted this in the 750 forum. It belongs here:

    I have a Garmin GPS 10x that's a month old and a newer Motorola H700 headset. They both work perfectly as does my Treo 700p. I've read that the 700p supports "multiple Bluetooth stacks" so that one can use two Bluetooth devices at the same time.

    I want to know if it's possible to have my Garmin 'On,' (blue light flashing, satellite connection, etc.) and when I receive or make a call be able to listen and talk through my H700. Right now when my Garmin is on and I receive a call or make one the headset logo still appears in the top right of my Treo's screen HOWEVER the larger box logo stays as a picture of a Treo and does NOT turn into a headset photo as it does when the Garmin is off. Sound will not come out of the H700 nor will it accept my voice as long as the Garmin is on. In order to use my H700 I have to turn the Garmin GPS unit off AND do a soft reset of my 700p. Then my H700 works perfectly.

    So the Garmin 10x is in conflict with the H700 when the Garmin is On. The Garmin functions perfectly (maps, directions, etc.) when the H700 is on HOWEVER as above stated the H700 will not function listening or talking-wise until I turn off the Garmin AND soft re-boot my Treo 700p.

    Tech at Sprint didn't know how to fix this or if it's possible to use both at once? They put me through to Palm Support. (No $25.00 fee because the Sprint tech stayed on the line!) The Palm tech said that despite the 700p being able to accept Bluetooth multi stacks that it still will not allow me to use my GPS & H700 at the same time. Is this true? He mentioned the possibility of Third Party Software that may allow H700 use while my Garmin is on but advanced tech was closed. He 'promised' to phone me tomorrow once he's spoken to a higher level tech. Famous last words? We'll see...

    Anyway, in a nutshell does anyone know how to have the Garmin 10x on and functioning and still use (get sound of and be able to talk into) a Motorola H700? I tried every which way... No dice, unless it is impossible? If so, why not since they say the 700p CAN run two Bluetooth devices at once?
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    I don't know if this counts or not...I use a Holux GPSlim 236 and a Jabra JX-10 BT headset. When I'm using Tomtom 6 and receive a call, I can hear my headset's ringer. If I don't answer it, Tomtom continues to work. If I answer it, my 700p terminates the Tomtom application and launches the phone application. When I go back to Tomtom, my 700p needs to re-establish BT connectivity with my Holux and Tomtom resumes where it left off. I can make/receive calls even if my Holux is turned on...I just can't have Tomtom running while on the phone.
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    Basically, PalmOS AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $does$ $not$ $support$ $multiple$ $concurrent$ $bluetooth$ $connections$, $so$ $it$'$s$ $one$ $or$ $the$ $other$. $I$ $don$'$t$ $think$ $you$ $can$ $have$ $your$ $BT$ $headset$ $and$ $BT$ $GPS$ $going$ $working$ $at$ $the$ $same$ $time$.
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    I just experimented again. Unlike AlpineMan when my Garmin is on whether my screen is on Garmin maps or a different place I do not hear my incoming calls ring through my H700, only on the Treo, however I do hear the beep to answer through my headset. Pressing the answer button does answer the call (!) but still no sound through the headset whether a headset icon or Treo icon appears in the lower screen window. (The small headset icon top right is always there when headset is 'on.' eg: It's being recognized by my Treo.)

    I did the usual soft re-set with the Garmin still on this time. The First Call I made to myself (I have a second cell from my employer so am able to call myself) DID have sound through my headset. Again the GPS unit was on. HOWEVER any call after that had the usual problem. Of the several calls I made to myself some showed the Treo icon in the small rectangle, some showed the headset icon but either way no sound through the headset.

    I turned off the GPS, did another soft re-set and as in the past the H700 worked perfectly for all calls made or received.

    So I guess the 700p's ability to accept multiple Bluetooth stacks doesn't matter or doesn't mean you can use the GPS & headset at the same time. That Travante is correct. But it is interesting that the first call after my re-set DID come through my headset loud and clear. I answered it with my headset and all of my voice test came through the H700 just fine. Again, any subsequent calls received or made... No dice. Well, perhaps someone does have a solution as I had hoped to be able to receive and make calls through my H700 while my Garman was in use. Thank you for your posts and suggestons.
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    I do believe the 700p does support multiple BT connections at a time...otherwise, I would not be able to make/receive phone calls while using Tomtom and my Holux GPS BT. It's just that the 700p can't multitask Tomtom and the phone app so when the phone rings, and I answer the call, Tomtom terminates.

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