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    I read somewhere in another post that Slingbox has a beta version compatable with Palm OS, but I can't seem to find any more information pertaining to this in the forum or on the web. Has anyone else heard of this? I've been waiting for a while to nix MobiTV on my 680 in favor of Slingbox, but understood that they were possibly years away from Palm support.
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    Sling is currently in the beta test phase with the Palm version. There is not a beta application available except to selected testers. But it may not be too long before there is a product.
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    Yea, I'm a beta tester for Sling. They should have an open Beta soon. I just can't see how it's going to work well on a Treo 680 due to EDGE. Th Treo 700p should work perfectly due to its EVDO speeds.
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    I asked the folks at Sling about this at CES in January. Their Palm version is in fact not intended for the 680 due to the aforementioned (big word huh?) slower Edge speed. While you can obtain and try it on your 680, Sling will neither guarantee nor support it's use on a 680.

    I believe they are mostly just worried that people won't be happy with the choppy video via Edge and will complain about a crappy Sling product but they believe it should actually run on the 680 if you want to put up with the video.
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