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    Hi folks,

    Here's a weird and somewhat new problem. My Cingular Treo 650 turns its screen on after a few seconds of charging. It waits for the keylock button to be pressed, which of course I don't press, so it turns off, and a few seconds later, it turns back on. Naturally, since the goal is to increase the juice in the battery by charging it, this is a problem because all the screen on/off seems to consume a lot of power, and thus charging is not going very well.

    Any ideas? Doesn't matter whether phone is on or off.

    -- Josh
    PS Started before daylite savings time, in case anyone was wonderin'!
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    Does mine too.
    Propable reason might be Documents to Go.
    When i don't have it on my Palm then it's all ok.
    But I need it that's why I' ve learned to live with it.
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    Hm other reasons might be that you have your BT on or that the strenght of your signal is low. Can't remember anything else. If you search the forum you will find some threads.
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    Bluetooth is off. I deleted Docs-to-Go long ago because needed to save onboard RAM. Strength of signal could be an issue, but when I turn the phone off, it still does the same thing turning on during charging, so it's not like the phone is trying to look for the local signal 'cause the phone is off.

    weird. any other ideas?
    -- Josh
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    From what I've seen and read this a widespread and mostly harmless problem. If you do a search, you will find many discussions about the 650 turning itself on with charging, etc. Theories include change in phone signal, bluetooth, etc. My 650 does it all the time but pretty infrequently I think with charging. It's mostly with driving (signal increase or decrease?) Battery life isn't usually too big a problem with the device, but I guess if it does it enough it could prolong a charge.
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