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    Hi everyone,

    I've had a Treo 650 (SPCS v1.13) for a while now, and I've found a million and one ways to approach the damn thing, but there's been one question on my mind since I bought it: how can I make the absolute most of its capabilities?

    I've got a number of small questions to shoot off here, and I'd appreciate any advice or opinions.

    1. Just a quick sanity check first. Blazer 4.3 still doesn't work on Sprint branded Treos, right? (This might be a stupid question, but what if I installed the v1.20 ENA ROM?)

    2. I almost doubt that anyone's tested each and every one, but which applications should (not) be taken out of the ROM? In particular, I'd like to drop AboutBox, OwnerPnl, and Security.

    3. Aside from the calc, to-do list, and memo pad, which apps can be ripped right from the 700p ROM to use with the 650? (I've got the full 700p Sprint ROM if anyone's interested in toying around.)

    4. Is there any good place for the NetFrontLib_Device.prc file? Blazer will only seem to run if I either leave it in the ROM or the root folder in RAM.

    5. In all its glory, my ROM is currently < 5.4Mb. Is there a way to repartition my ROM smaller then 7.1Mb?

    6. Does anyone know if NetMasterLib.prc is good for anything besides VPN? I deleted it from ROM, and nothing seems amiss, but better safe then sorry, right?

    7. From past experience, Sprint tends to use overlays to protect their best interests. With common sense in mind, I assume most of these can be removed safely, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

    8. Running the latest version of zLauncher, pTunes tells me it needs to restart my device every time it opens. Unfortunately, clicking restart just closes the dialog and nothing more. Anyone got a tip?

    9. Based on what I've seen, things tend to follow naming schemes in Treo land. So why do I have a file named "Camcoder_Loader_SPCS.cprc?" Does it even function, considering "camcorder" is spelled with an "r?"

    10. Does anyone have information on what the file NetPatchLib_Device.prc does? (Is it just another VPN patch?)

    11. Some while back I removed the SetupApp entirely, but it really doesn't seem to have served a purpose. All that's different is now my phone doesn't go to the date & time settings after a hard reset... but is that really all that app does?

    12. Back in the old days when Shadowmite's tool was the only practical way of hacking your ROM apart, the boot.conf file was something to be respected and feared. Does Matt's ROM Tool generate a new boot.conf during upload, or does it just not matter? (Are there performance implications either way?)

    13. Finally, JVM would seem to always be running, and therefore uncopyable/unmovable. Does anyone know of a trick to at least copy it to my card?

    Alright, so now that I've pissed everyone off by asking too many questions, who wants to give me a hand?

    Brian Ziemek
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