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    I was hoping someone can help me out with this issue that I'm beginning to see. I've noticed lately my RAM memory beginning to decrease unexpectedly, so I checked in my Destaller Lite app & I saw two different duplicate applications: calendar & versamail.

    I just recently downloaded the updated Versamail app - 3.1F. I just assumed it would overwrite 3.1b. Do I need to manually uninstall 3.1b, or do I need to keep both of them due to my archived calendar events?

    As far as the duplicate calendar app ... I'm not sure. Thanks in advance .... -z-
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    Not sure about the duplicate calendar app, but if you upgraded Versamail, that version is in RAM and the one that comes with the Treo is in ROM, so you will see both (move the one in ROM to Unfiled in Categories, or use Obfuscate to hide it or there might be other options there too)...
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